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Flonase Nasal Spray

Flonase Nasal Spray Flonase is used for nasal symptoms treatment: slime accumulation, sneezing and cold caused by seasonal or yearly allergies.
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Drug title

Flonase (Fluticasone)

Usage indications

Flonase is a nasal spray with fluticasone corticosteroids. It prevents the discharge of bacteria causing the inflammation. Flonase is used for nasal symptoms treatment: slime accumulation, sneezing and cold caused by seasonal or yearly allergies. Flonase can be used for the treatment of other diseases not specified in this manual, as well.

Mode of application

Strictly follow instruction manual for Flonase. Use this drug in the amounts exactly specified by your doctor. Follow label instructions.

Flonase usual dosage makes 1-2 injections into each nostril once day.

Test spray before first usage. Shake it well and try to spray it away from your face. Use spray not more than 30 days and not more than 5 days if you didn’t close it with cap. The spray evaporates easily.

Shake spray before each usage. Usually it takes several days for symptoms improvement. Strictly follow your doctor recommendations to obtain best result. Consult with your doctor if symptoms do not improve.

Your doctor needs to examine you on a regular basis to check if Flonase doesn’t make negative influence on your nose and additional nose sinuses. Regularly visit your doctor.

Store nasal spray at vertical position at room temperature away from heat and humidity. Throw spray away after the usage of 120 dozes even if there are some liquid left.

Mechanism of action

Flonase is a cortico steroid. It acts by decreasing of inflammatory reactions at nasal breathing ways in response for air allergenes and irritators.

Missed dozes

During single miss of doze intake, it is necessary to take the doze as soon as possible. If the time of missed doze intake corresponds to the time of next doze intake the drug intake should be missed. The double dosage is prohibited for intake.


Store Flonase at the temperature of 39-86 F degrees (4-30 С degrees). Keep Flonase away from children and home pets.


Do not use Flonase, if:

  • you are allergic to any Flonase ingredient.

Contact your doctor immediately if any of the following relates to you


  • be careful when shifting from steroids (prednizolon) to Flonase intake. It might take several months for your organism to develop enough natural steroids for the development of events causing physical loading. Among such events are traumas, surgeries, infections, the loss of blood electrolithes or sudden asthma attacks. Such effects can be very serious and sometimes fatal. Contact you doctor immediately if any of the aforementioned events occur. You might need to take oral steroid (prednizolon) again. Always wear it in case you might need the intake of oral steroid (prednizolon).
  • inform your doctor or dentist about Flonase intake before getting any medical or dental assistance, urgent medical assistant or surgery.
  • avoid contacts with patients having chicken pox or rubeola
  • avoid spraying into eyes.
  • Flonase should not be prescribed to children younger 4 years. The safety and efficiency for this groups  had not been confirmed.
  • cortico steroids can influence the paces of children and teens growth in some cases. They might need regular checks of growth.
  • pregnancy and breast feeding. Consult your doctor to discuss the advantages and risks of Flonase intake during pregnancy. The presence of Flonase at lactic milk had not been detected. Consult your doctor on Flonase intake during breast feeding.

Side effects

You will need urgent medical help in case of any allergic reactions to Flonase:

  • nettle rash, breathing difficulties, face, lips, tongue or throat edema.

Contact your doctor immediately in case if any of the following serious side effects occur:

  • heavy nasal bleeding;
  • non- healing nasal ulcers
  • vision problems
  • high temperature, shivering, pain ache, flu symptoms.

Less serious side effects of Flonase  can include:

  • head and back ache;
  • small nasal bleeding;
  • menstruation problems and sexual interest loss;
  • cough, sore throat ulcers and white spots inside or near nose.

Additional information

Take Flonase on doctor’s prescription only. Consult your doctor in case of symptoms non-improvement or getting worse.

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